July Competition

The following infomation is an excerpt from Max's post in the Skype group:

It's the July Competition! We've already had a great June Competition (thanks Luke!), but now it's time to move on to the next one.
The voting criteria will be a bit different, but the competition will be basically the same, more or less. Everyone will be allowed to use any photos that were taken in July, and entry times will be starting today, and going until the end of the month. The voting criteria will be:
Lighting (How well lit the frame is, especially how well lit the bird itself is)
Colour (Not necessarily what colour the bird is, but even if it's just black or white, how strong the colour the bird is appears)
Focus (how well focused the bird is, and how well the photographer used depth of field)
Composition (how well the frame is composed - take into account surroundings, how much of the bird is visible, and background)
Opinion (how much you personally like the photo)
I'd like us to get as many entries as possible for this competition, so go out, take photos and enter, but most importantly, have fun!

Entry times have closed, and voting is now open.



Composition Competition

Temporarily cancelled.

The following infomation is an excerpt from Max's post in the Skype group:

It's the composition competition! Or I suppose you could call it the Comp Comp In any case, entry times for this competition will go from the 5th of July to the 12th. The voting system will be the same as in the June competition, only the voting process will be fast and easy, as the only voting criteria will be composition, as the name would suggest. Remember, by composition I mean how well the frame as a whole is composed. The bird might be even a small part of the photo, with the rest of it as some beautiful scenery - I'm sure that would get high votes. So go out and get some photos, as photos that were taken after this announcement (04/07/15) are all that you can use! And if your on a phone, then don't worry, because composition doesn't require a great camera! Good luck in the competition ;).



June Competition

The June Competition is the first ever competition with the original members of the club competing and voting.
The entered photos are below:

The winner has been revealed!